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You can use natural and effective remedies to help take charge of your wellness.
  • Would you like to infuse your body with restorative nutrients and reduce excess weight and increase metabolism?
  • Do you wish to minimize exposure to the damaging effects of toxins in your everyday life?
  • Do you want to reduce the effects of stress and negative emotions, and support the sense of mental and emotional calm?
Growing interest in and recognition of the power of natural therapies fuels the passion I have for each of us discovering personal health empowerment.

I invite you to explore healthy solutions for
Wellness, Purpose & Abundance!


Essential Oils 


Whether for cosmetic, medicinal or ritual uses, throughout the ages different cultures have recognized and used essential oils for physical, emotional, and spiritual purposes in their daily lives. Mosaic Healing Arts is delighted to bring this ancient tradition and its tried and true wisdom to you.


Today, we are feeling the impact of being constantly inundated with both physical and emotional toxic stressors ranging from our food, environment, personal and household products to psychospiritual distress. As these toxins accumulate in our bodies over time, these stressors compromise our body. Let's take for instance the endocrine system. The endocrine system is a network of glands that produce and secrete hormones that help our body function properly. With exposure to any number of toxins so prevalent in the environment today, the endocrine system could be very easily compromised. This physically manifests in a myriad of imbalances and disorders: mental-emotional symptoms (anxiety, insomnia, depression); hormonal deficiency/abnormality that affect the nervous and immune systems (reproductive, degenerative and autoimmune diseases); metabolic syndromes (hyper/hypothyroid, diabetes)... the list is extensive and shockingly prevalent.


What you put ON, IN, and AROUND your body matters! By making healthier, toxic-free choices in all areas of your life, you will have taken an important step on the road to wellness for you and your family.


Mosaic Healing Arts offers services and products that are rooted in providing a holistic approach to wellness, customized to your specific needs.


We offer essential oil and essential oil products that are effective, free of artificial or synthetic ingredients, have no harsh chemicals, kid, baby and animal safe, and environmentally friendly. We use only 100% pure, therapeutic Grade-A essential oils from the industry-leader who has been committed for over 20 years to establishing and maintaining the ultimate, non-negotiable standards in the industry. Their proprietary process produces pure, authentic essential oil products for every individual, family and lifestyle.


Mosaic Healing Arts offers essential oil education on important topics like why quality matters, the latest in essential oil research, and broad-spectrum therapeutic uses for essential oils and essential oil products. We help assess and replace your everyday toxic products to these high quality, clean, green and good-for-you products and at the same time offer cost saving ways that show you quality can be affordable.


We are dedicated to inspiring and supporting you towards a healthy lifestyle by opening your world to the wonder of naturally derived products infused with the power of essential oils. We have firsthand experiences in how these products have changed our lives and our community at large, and are excited to share our experiences with you.


We hope that you will choose Mosaic Healing Arts to be your concierge in your wellness journey.

Transform. Awaken. Heal.


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