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Frequently Asked Questions



Can you work with a particular set of symptoms, disease, or health imbalances that I am experiencing? The answer is always yes. As a result of working directly with the individual's own innate healing intelligence, I am working with the body's own knowingness around any imbalance, and assisting to co-create maximum wellness by acknowledging the body's insights. The body tells me where the disconnect has occurred, and what needs to be reconnected. Everything that comes up in a session is being shifted and healing is taking place. Sometimes the body gives homework assignments, such as a supplement recommendation or avoidance of a substance, a book to read, or to participate in a particular exercise or therapy.


Can you help me with getting off medications? First off, a session can be a standalone therapy or an adjunct therapy working in concert with your team of physicians. Unlike conventional medicine which addresses treatment based on diagnosing symptoms, a session is a true holistic therapy which addresses the underlying causes behind the symptoms. Working in this manner, I have had success of symptoms releasing, and therefore, the decision around medication(s) comes into question. It is under the advisement of one's prescribing physician, however, that decides how to proceed with medication(s).


How many appointments will it take? No time-frame can be defined. I am guided by your body's innate healing wisdom throughout the session, and this same healing intelligence informs me as to when the optimum time is to follow-up for the next session. I am not told how many sessions total. During a session, I observe the many shifts and the order in which the body needs to fully integrate the work before moving on to a deeper level. So I ask that the patient respect the time-frame the body requests for follow up work. Unless the patient finds it necessary to schedule sooner for additional support, or later if one deems it necessary to wait, I ask that we stay with the time-frame the body has requested. There is tremendous benefit following the guidance of the body.


Do you accept my health insurance? Mosaic Healing Arts does not participate in any HMO or PPO network plans. For acupuncture sessions, we can provide a receipt referencing standard CPT and ICD-10 codes that may be used to obtain reimbursement from insurance carriers.


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