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Dr Susan Lark Testimonial excerpt. Brooke is able to neutralize even the most difficult health problems including physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages.

Remote Healing


"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." -Anais Nin


Word spread about Brooke's capacity as a facilitator of intuitive healing energy, and before long, awareness of Brooke and her work grew exponentially. In an ongoing effort to best serve her client base she offers the convenience of remote healing.


Many people wonder how remote healing works. One might explain the phenomena in terms of quantum physics. Everything that exists in the universe is interconnected. Brooke's capacity to facilitate healing energy is available through intention. Simply put, energy follows intention. Brooke sets her intention to connect and heal with all who set their intention by making an appointment. The quality of healing is no different if you are sitting next to her; as a parent or trusted proxy; calling in from across the world or lying in a bed in a coma. Brooke can see clearly where the imbalances are and from that observation the healing begins.


Remote healing sessions can include any myriad of healing options, including Holistic Wellness methods, Intuitive Energy Healing and Animal Communication.


There are two methods available:


Session by phone or video: When a physical visit is not possible, phone or video sessions provide intimacy in the comfort of your chosen environment. Sessions are by appointment, and are person to person with Brooke. Please call the office to schedule your personal session.


Recorded remote: This is a complete session which is detailed in MP3 or written format. Unless the client has a preference, the format of the recorded session will be at Brooke's discretion. A copy of the recorded session can then be sent to the client, and a concise explanation is available when phone or physical communication has been re-established. Recorded remotes are ideal for clients with unpredictable or overbooked schedules, or when extra support is needed for an important event. A session at the time of the event helps to optimize performance and minimize obstacles.

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